Cement grount - Fugoflex 1 - 8


Fugoflex is a special one-component powder filler containing cement, selected aggregates, synthetic powder resins and special additives which improve its workability, adhesion, watertightness and flexibility. The formulation of Fugoflex, thanks to its highly sanitizing action, helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.
Fugoflex 1-8 has a particle size which allows joints of 1 to 8 mm to be filled.
The cementitious joints are constantly evolving as they have to give hand in hand with the evolution of the tiles and with increasingly demanding destinations of use.

The tiles grow in size and therefore the amount of leakage decreases!

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Weight: 5 Kg

Fugoflex 1-8
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Fugoflex 1-8


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Fugoflex 1-8

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