Hot pepper spray gun for SELF-DEFENSE FREE SALE


New product at Edil Export, a leading company in the trade of floors and walls and building materials.

We wanted to insert a new article according to the law for the oldest of 16 years.

It's called Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol), a pepper spray gun, a small and light practice.

Effective against people under the influence of alcohol, drugs and aggressive animals. It makes the attacker harmless for about 30 minutes, causing: tearing and asphyxiation, involuntary closing of the eyes with irritation on the skin and on the mucous membranes it comes into contact with (nose, throat).

It causes a strong cough and a general sense of burning and disorientation. The gun is loaded with an 11 ml can, capable of about 11/12 powerful jets up to about 5/6 meters. The gas contained in the canister in addition to being very powerful, contains a special Marker very difficult to remove from the skin and clothes and visible only under ultraviolet (UV). For a possible identification of the aggressor by the Police.

This type of gun can be kept in your pocket, at home or in the car, in a shop or bar, because you are over 16 years of age and law.

Recommended for women and men, individuals and traders, lovers of walks in the woods, in fact very useful against aggressive animals without causing permanent damage.

The cost of this fantastic item is € 50 including VAT

In the package we find 1 11 ml pepper refill and 1 PDP pistol.

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